Wine Chillers

  WTH - Packaged Systems for Wine Storage

WTH Wine Chillers: Packaged Systems for Wine StorageWTH Wine Chillers: Packaged Systems for Wine Storage
  • Unit coolers with a small footprint inside cold room
  • Remote control panel with cable 10 m with electronic control
  • High pressure switch
  • Built-in system humidifying
  • Condensing water direct discharge
  • Power supply cable L = 2,5m
  • Crankcase heater
  • Low pressure switch
  • Different voltage
  • Differential termomagnetic switch
  • Condenser fan speed variator





FWR / HWR - Packaged and Split Systems for Wine Storage

FWR / HWR: Packaged and Split System for Wine StorageFWR / HWR: Packaged and Split System for Wine Storage
Blocksystems for wine storage are available in two main ranges, according to the type of installation. The cold room temperature setting has a range of +10°C/+18°C.
The FWR and HWR ranges have been engineered to control temperatures in cool-warm mode as well as to control relative humidity. By this technology it is possible to maintain the ideal conditions to age wines.
  • FWR.... packaged unit for wall installation with remote control panel and 10m long cable.
  • HWR.... split system, with condensing unit installed on the floor (or wall, using brackets – supplied as optional extras) and remote control panel with 10m long cable.

The condensing unit is fitted with sound absorption housing and a fan with a low number of revolutions. The condensing unit and evaporator are supplied under nitrogen pressure and with solder connections. These models are also available with fast connections and gas charge (HWR……/R.). In this case, it is possible to request the supply of pre-charged connection pipes with following lenghts: 2,5/5/10m.