RRC Air Cooled Condensers with EC Fans

The casework is made of galvanized steel sheet coatedby epoxy powder RAL 7035 grey finish. Within the coil casework each fan chamber is separated by internal plates to prevent windmilling of off-cycle fans.

The fan-motor in use has the following features:

  • Air Cooled RRC Condenser with EC FansAir Cooled RRC Condenser with EC Fansexternal rotor
  • brushless motor with electronic commutation
  • 200-227/1/50-60 and 380-480/3/50-60 Hz voltage
  • (depending on the model)
  • IP 54 protection rate
  • B-F insulation class (depending on the model)
  • thermal protection
  • operating temperature from -25°C to +55°C
  • (up to +65°C when provided)
  • metal fan-guard varnished by epoxy powder
  • fan-motors are supplied without wiring

The coil is made with aluminium fins with pyramidprofile, 12 mm internally grooved copper tube, 37,5 x 32,5 geometry and 2,1mm fin spacing. The coils end frame is made of aluminium (500mm models 1 and 2 banks of fans, 630mm models 1 bank of fans) or combined aluminium and metal sheet (630mm models 2 banks of fans, 800mm models 1 and 2 banks of fans).

All coils are fully leak tested by nitrogen at a pressure of 30 bars and charged under nitrogen pressure for shipment.



RRC Air Cooled CondenserRRC Air Cooled Condenser

RRC Air Cooled Condensers - General Features

The condensers from the RRC range have been designed to satisfy several applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

Manufactured for being installed outside, RRC can have either horizontal air flow (standard feature) or vertical air flow, by coupling the supporting  legs assemblies  (optional items).

The high-efficiency heat exchangers fitted in the whole range are manufactured with aluminium fins with  “PYRAMID” profile and internally grooved copper tubes.

RRC can be devided in 3 different ranges according to their fan-motors diameter:

500mm (rated capacity at DT 15 from 10,9Kw to148Kw)
630mm (rated capacity at DT 15 from 13,7Kw to426Kw)
800mm (rated capacity at DT 15 from 23,4Kw to467Kw )

The axial external rotor fan-motors in use have the following features:

- 500 diameter : with 1,2,3,4,6 fan-motors (4,6,8 poles)
-630 diameter : with 1,2,3,4,6,8 fan-motors (4,6,8,12 poles)
-800 diameter : with 1,2,3,4,6,8fan-motors (6,8,12 poles)



Condenser Coils

Rivacold UK offer a huge variety of condenser coils for many applications, please contact us for more information.